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Hello Traders

Thank you for checking out the blog this week..

As you can see I have started to get the lights burning so to speak here on the new website.. I remember now why I don’t like to build websites :(

At any rate, I do hope that this new site will eventually result in an improved user experience for you as I continue to develop both the front end of the site where you will be able to find new and powerful content to help you with your trading and the back end where you will be able to receive more timely updates to software, templates and education resources without having to wait.

Before I go on I want to express how truly thankful for each and everyone of you that have helped bring Breakaway Trader to where it is in this first year that we have been in business. I know that you have been patient with me while I have tried to learn and perform all of the tasks that are required in order to provide a service like this. I thought learning to trade was hard.. HAH!!  At any rate, Thank you for that patience, loyalty and in some cases downright forgiveness for any times that I may have fumbled along the way..

Please note that I am dedicated to the task of providing traders with tools and education that they can use to become consistently profitable with their trading… I sincerely believe that the knowledge I have acquired over the past fifteen years in this business and the tens of thousands of dollars that I have invested in education, and development of this craft can not only benefit you in the long run but also short circuit potential losses that you may incur along you own path to success as a trader.. You see, not unlike many of you, I have paid my dues and the price has been high. If my experiences and investments can help you to get to where you want to be then I can rest knowing that it was not all about me and that I helped others and that my friends is extremely important to me..

For now, please note that the website will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks until we get it to where we ultimately want it to be.. If you have suggestions on things that I can do to improve it then by all means feel free to send those along and I will do my best to meet your needs when finishing the site out. I realize that there are a few bugs still with this site as I built it out in the background and then moved it over to the primary domain.. When I moved it I lost a bunch of content that was linked.. As Homer Simpson would say…DOUGH!!! ha ha… so a little bit of a setback on a few things but I should have it all buttoned up in the next couple of days.. At this time the basic functionality should be there but do look for it to get better over the days ahead.



Rhythm Relay Information

The Rhythm Relay continues to do an excellent job in the ES. Joel has been showing traders how to use the Fully Automated RR Robot and the Semi-Automated Module to make consistent profits in the ES… If you have not had a chance to take the free trial of the Trading Lounge and see the Rhythm Relay IN action each day, you really should check that out.. The link to register for this weeks room is here: Register

ALSO,,,,,,,,,The Rhythm Relay Semi-Automated Module has been offered to you at the Introductory Price of $999.00.. However, those days are about to be over on Wednesday of this week. After that the price goes up to $1,100.00. So if you are on the fence or have questions about the RR that you need answered please get in touch with me ASAP so I can help you get the information you need. If you see the potential in this that many others have already acted on, then it is only going to cost you to wait any longer..I can be reached  by email at jeep@breakawaytrader.com or you can call me at 830 428-0616.  It is a little hard to reach me during market hours, but try anyway and I will get back with you asap..

If you are ready to move forward now with your investment into the Semi-Automated System you can use the following link to get your business done now:

Buy Now 

Boulders and Breakaway Bars Training and Software Offer

Training begins tomorrow morning. August 26th 2013 at 8:30 EDT... We will be meeting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 2 to 3 hours each day. In these sessions I will teach you the background and concepts behind the method and show you in real time how to implement the indicators and techniques. We will have live examples of trades that will be executed in real time using a very strict and exact methodology. You will learn how to pick the best trade locations, identify trade setups, Filter these setups and of course trigger into the trades when they qualify.. Additionally I will teach you how and where to place your stops and profit targets AND how to trail stops and manage trades so that you can cut losers short and let winners run.

We will be covering some much improved methods that I have adopted over the past couple of months in an effort to address some of the difficulties that we have had to deal with before such as stops being larger than we want as a result of using the Renko Bar Entry Chart.. If you have been through Boulders and Breakaway Bars Training in the past you will see that I have eliminated some of the extra trade setups that I taught on in the past in an effort to trim down false positives which can sabatoge our mental game, and am now focusing on only two trade setups which are very easy to learn and are very consistent. You will also see that I have simplified the filtering process making it easier to get into a trade and reducing the amount of analysis and screen real estate that was formerly needed in order to perform the critical work of filtering our trade setups. And you will see that we are using a much cleaner and lower risk entry chart.. I will also provide you with instruction on how to set up an ATM that works like gang busters in Crude Oil..  Last but not least, you will get more market profile instruction as I start to explain more and more about how to use the profile to better determine the underlying trend of the market, forecast trade location and zero in on who is in charge and where they are most likely to take the market..

In October when I return from Central America we will move into more market profile and I will really start to break that down more and more and help you to combine your knowledge of Boulders and Breakaway Bars with some incredibly powerful Market Profile Techniques and Education. I know you are going to love the Market Profile but this is a process and we need to work through this in a couple of stages so that no one gets overwhelmed with information. I am very excited about the next few months and what we are going to be able to bring to the table in terms of tools and training opportunities because I know that Breakaway Trader can help you to become very well rounded and highly informed about the dynamics of markets and how you can capitalize on the numerous opportunities that exist each and every day.. well of course unless you were trading anything NASDAQ last week :) (laugh)

PLEASE, if you want to participate in this special offer and you are among the group of students who do not own the indicators and have not been through the training,  Try to get signed up TODAY  as I would like to try and get you all setup today instead of after training on market days.. I will make myself available for the rest of the day to connect with those of you that need setup but this day won’t last forever so do not mistake urgency as pressure, BUT DON’T DELAY

Email:  jeep@breakawaytrader.com

Tel. 830 428-0616

One last thing on this Special Offer. 

Alumni or Traders that already own all of the indicators that we will use for this methodology can participate in the training for $100.00 for the entire three days.

If you are new to Boulders and Breakaway Bars and do not have the indicators needed you can purchase the entire package for $799.00. Here is what you get.

TJ Fib Harmonic Renko Bars

TJ Razors and Clusters

TJ TX 2 Step

TJ Smart Money Radar

TJ Smart Money Index

TJ Moving Average Pack

TJ Breakaway Bars

All Templates

Remote Setup

3 Days Training mon, tue, wed for 2 to 3 hours each day depending on market conditions and daily biz plan.

Free Repeat of training

You can pick up whichever package you need out of those two now with the following link: Add to Cart

If you would like to see some examples of how well this method works you can see all of the trades I took with the system this past week on my You Tube Channel.. Here is the link to that Channel Now

Visit You Tube Channel

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me throughout the day today if you need assistance with anything for this coming week.

All the best

Trader Jeep


830 428-0616

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